TikTok, for now no block in Italy. Zangrillo: “It’s not up to me to decide”

There will be no interruption in the use of Tik Tok for employees of the Public Administration. This was specified by the Minister for Public Administration, Paolo Zangrillo, speaking at the conference for the 18th anniversary of the Digital Administration Code. “Fifteen days ago – he said – I limited myself to saying that I noticed that public employees are prohibited from using TikTok both in the European community and in several American federal states. I raised the problem and said that it is appropriate to investigate the issue further and understand if there are actually any risks associated with the safety of users of this social network”. The ban on the use of Tik Tok, explained the minister, is not up to the Ministry. “We will clarify this misunderstanding to the civil servants,” he said.

For the attention of the government

Giorgia Meloni’s executive is discussing the matter and could move, perhaps imitating what the European Commission did, which forced all employees to uninstall the app. “The options may be to move as Brussels did or take a different decision. It is a choice that I cannot make alone, I have to compare myself with the other institutions and together we will agree on a line”, declared Zangrillo. The Minister of Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini also expressed his opinion on the subject, who wrote on Twitter: “Regarding the blockade of TikTok, I am perplexed and against any type of censorship, in a liberal society, before reaching radical blocks, one must think carefully”. The deputy premier then continued in the video posted together with the tweet: “In Brussels they are already thinking about gagging TikTok. I am always and in any case in favor of freedom of thought, speech and expression and against all censorship. Check yes, vigilant yes, but I never like censorship”.