TikTok, from November live video allowed only to users of age

“I’m not old”: bad news for Generation Z. From November 23 the beloved “live” on TikTok will in fact be used only by adults. At the moment the requirements are: to be sixteen and at least 1000 followers, but the ‘the company is launching a series of changes to create a safe and inaccessible area for minors, where even more serious issues can be dealt with. On the one hand, therefore, the platform wants to empower creators, on the other hand to allow the publication of videos that deal with targeted topics. to a more adult audience in terms of themes and discussions.

A safe community

Both the adult-only streaming option and the updated age restriction on who can live are included in a dossier released by TikTok titled: Our work in progress to help keep our community safe. “We want our community – explains the company – to make the most of the opportunities that live can offer without compromising security. We believe that these updates will further protect younger users. We plan to introduce a new way for creators of choose if they prefer to reach only an adult audience in their direct “.