TikTok, here is “DigitalMente”: a project to promote digital education in schools

An educational project to promote safety and create a positive digital environment. “DigitalMente. Learn, create and share digitally safely” was born from TikTok, the video platform loved by younger people which therefore is at the center of many concerns and has often promoted initiatives dedicated to the topic, such as Safety Week. The project partner is equally horizontal: the National Consumers Union. The psychotherapist Maura Manca acts as a consultant.

Free content available to teachers

The contents are aimed at teachers of lower and upper secondary schools throughout Italy, and are immediately available for free on the platform created by Digital Education for the academic year 2021/2022. “Protecting minors online and accompanying them on a safe and age-appropriate digital path is a priority”, commented Guido Scorza, member of the Authority for the protection of personal data. “A difficult challenge that can be overcome with a systemic approach that involves all the players, primarily schools and families”.

Young users or young consumers?

The involvement of the Unc is linked to the fact that “Today’s children, thanks to digital technology, become consumers much earlier than their parents”, as explained by Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumers Union and active Tiktoker. The platform instead reiterated how the security sector and the list of measures to protect young users are constantly updated, in the words of Giacomo Mannheimer, Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy Southern Europe TikTok: “Special attention is aimed at adolescents, which is why important changes have been made over time, including unprecedented measures for the sector, to make the experience of underage users even safer and support families with tools that allow them to accompany them on their online journey “.