TikTok, labels are coming to identify content generated with AI

A new tool to help creators label their content generated by artificial intelligence: this is the initiative that TikTok is launching starting this week, the platform explains in an official post specifying that it will also begin testing ways to automatically label content. content generated by this technology. “AI offers incredible creative opportunities, but it can potentially confuse or mislead users if they are unaware,” the company says. “Labeling helps address this issue by making it clear when content is significantly altered or modified by the technology. We want to support transparent and responsible content creation practices.”

Video content as a guide

TikTok will also begin testing an AI-generated label this week that it plans to automatically apply to content it detects has been edited or created with AI to ensure greater clarity. Finally, the platform points out that videos and educational content will be published in the coming weeks to help users use these labels, and that it is also renaming the platform’s AI-based effects to explicitly include the wording “AI”.