Tim bounces on the stock market on opa rumors, on the net soon bod on new timeline

Strong rebound on the stock market by Tim which closes at € 0.1890 (+ 6.36%) on market rumors which, according to what Mf writes, indicate that CVC would be evaluating a takeover bid for the entire group by leveraging the low capitalization of the society. A first move by CVC, last March, concerned a minority stake in Enterprise, the division of Tim where Noovle, Olivetti and Telsy will converge: but the offer of the British fund had not been judged high enough by Tim that for the same asset is preparing a beauty contest on which the advisors are working. Again according to what is learned, there are already several interested parties.

Meanwhile, on the single network front, yesterday’s board of directors of Cdp formalized the date of 30 November as the deadline for the non-binding offer aimed at creating a single network with that of Open fiber. With the arrival of the binding offer scheduled for the end of the year but which, as far as we know, could be postponed by a month or arrive at February 28th.

Tim’s board of directors, not yet convened, must meet for the formal acceptance of the new terms of the MoU: it will probably do so next week and in any case before the board convened on November 9 for the accounts. Last Friday the board met in Corso d’Italia to take stock of the extension of the timeline of the memorandum signed last May with Cdp, Macquarie, Open Fiber and Kkr but, with Vivendi’s directors absent, it ended without taking any resolution .