Tim Burton: “I feel like Wednesday Addams”

The director at Lucca Comics for the preview of the Netflix series, available from November 23, focused on the eldest daughter of the Addams Family.

“I’ve always felt like Wednesday as a teenager, I could very well have been her. I had the same point of view in black and white. ”The visionary director Tim Burton was a guest today of Lucca Comics & Games 2022 on the occasion of the European preview of the first episode of ‘Wednesday’, the highly anticipated eight-episode TV series (Burton directs the first four and is executive producer of the entire project), coming soon on Netflix November 23, centered on the eldest daughter of the Addams Family, here a teenager and played by Jenna Ortega.

“I have had mental health problems for half of my life – added Burton – and I identify with Wednesday. For me she is a source of inspiration. She is very clear, direct, she says what she feels. This leads her to get into trouble. towards others, but on a symbolic level it has a silent and simple strength that is very important to me “.

“The Addams family is the emblem of the strange family, as are, after all, all families.” On Wednesday, so far, in the various film, television and comic transpositions “she has always been represented as a child – Burton underlines – but I was interested in seeing how she reacted at school, with teachers, or to therapy”. Well, Wednesday is struggling with a high school change. Her parents Morticia (Catherine Zeta Jones) and Gomez (Luis Guzman) enroll her in the school they also attended, Nevermore Academy. The girl therefore engages in attempts to control her paranormal powers but she also tries to investigate a series of murders that terrorize the local community and to solve a mystery that involved her parents 25 years before her.

For Burton this is the directorial debut of a series: “It was interesting to work at a different pace, here is a slower cooking, it was very pleasant. I gave the general line and the other directors have carried it on. “. But the director concludes with a declaration of love for cinema: “My first love is films, and I think, I hope there is still room for cinema”.

After the press conference at the prestigious Teatro del Giglio in Lucca (also available on YouTube), Tim Burton greeted the public in Piazza San Michele, where more than 8,000 people were waiting for him, including fans and cosplayers on Wednesday (honored by wearing the wig with the her iconic and unmistakable braids) and the complete Addams Family. Tonight, however, Tim Burton met in front of an audience of 500 fans at the Cinema Moderno for the European preview of the 1st episode on Wednesday.