Tim, from Kkr non-binding offer for landline purchase

The offer concerns a stake in Netco, including the assets and activities of FiberCop. Today the board

Tim has received a non-binding offer from Kkr for the purchase of a stake in Netco, to be established as a company coinciding with the management and infrastructural perimeter of the fixed network, including the assets and activities of FiberCop, as well as the stake in Sparkle. The operator communicates it in a note.

The non-binding offer, we read, refers to a shareholding to be defined, it being understood that the purchase would result in the loss of vertical integration with Tim. The board of directors will meet today to start the process of examining the non-binding offer.

“The government is closely following the offer presented by the Kkr fund for the purchase of a stake in a company to be established that manages Tim’s fixed network, a company that today has a crucial role in telephone services, in the creation of broadband in our country and the infrastructure of the National Strategic Pole”, writes Mimit in a note.

“The government – it continues – considers the safeguarding of employment levels and the security of a strategic infrastructure such as the national telecommunications network to be central. On these assumptions, the developments concerning the leading Italian telephone company will be evaluated”.