Tim is the new partner and co-founder of the Venice Sustainability World Capital Foundation

Tim joins the co-founding members of the Venice Sustainability Foundation (Fvcms)/Venice Sustainability Foundation. The Group, active in Italy in the ICT sector and at the forefront in the development of solutions for urban intelligence and sustainability, will make its distinctive skills in digital technologies available to the Foundation in the fields of 5G, IoT, Cloud, Ai, Analytics, Cybersecurity and HPC to support sustainable mobility and tourism, environmental transition, safety and health of citizens.

Tim and the Foundation – reads a joint note – consider the digital transition to be a formidable enabler of solutions for the efficient management of the city, the well-being of citizens and the sustainable use of the urban fabric. In particular, the Group, which has already made Venice the first Italian smart city thanks to the Smart Control Room project, will deploy its experience and specialized skills functional to environmental monitoring and the development of energy efficiency assessment systems, the improvement of the visitor’s digital experience, as well as the development of digital services to support the safety and health of the community. Thanks to data management, it will be possible to manage the phenomena that cross the city, such as tourism, in the most appropriate way, governing their impact and improving the quality of life of those who live and carry out activities in the lagoon city and its metropolitan surroundings.

“With the entry of Tim among the co-founding members – declares the president of Fvcms, Renato Brunetta – we welcome a leader of the digital transition process who, as demonstrated by the broad participation of the Tim Group, cuts across many of the strategic areas of interest to the Foundation. What we have in common, in addition to the desire to create a new model of sustainability that starts right from Venice, is the idea that the future must pass through innovative skills and solutions in favor of real changes in our daily lives”.

We are very proud to be able to work alongside the Venice World Capital of Sustainability Foundation and to do so by making our skills and assets available – he declares Peter Labriola, managing director of Tim – Venice is a very important city for our Company: it is precisely here that we started developing the Smart Control Room together with local institutions, a pilot project for the development of smart cities, synonymous with innovation and sustainability, which we want to replicate on a national scale. Becoming a co-founder of the Foundation is the confirmation of our bond with Venice and of our commitment to being a Group at the forefront of accelerating the digitization of Italy”.