Tim, Mef on Kkr offer: “Positive news interest by country”

Government will carefully evaluate the projects on the network

The government takes note of Kkr’s offer for Tim and will evaluate projects on the network. To do this, it will set up a working group, the Ministry of Economy and Finance informs in a note, “made up of government officials, holders of the institutional skills mainly involved, as well as administrations and experts”. “The interest of these investors to do investments in major Italian companies is positive news for the country – writes the Ministry of Economy – If this should materialize, the market will first of all evaluate the solidity of the project “. Kkr presented an expression of interest for 100% of Tim which has been examined by the Board of Directors of the Italian telecommunications operator.

Tim, detects the Mef, is “the largest telephony operator in the country. It is also the company that holds the most significant part of the telecommunication infrastructure. The Government will carefully follow the developments of the expression of interest and will carefully evaluate, also with regard to the exercise of its prerogatives, the projects that affect the infrastructure “.

The government’s objective, the ministry underlines, “is to ensure that these projects are compatible with the rapid completion of the ultra-broadband connection, as set out in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, with the necessary investments in infrastructure development, and with the safeguarding and growth of employment“.