Tim Shaddock, shipwrecked sailor and his dog rescued after 2 months in the Pacific Ocean

A Robinson Crusoe of our times. It is an Australian sailor, Tim Shaddock, 51, who spent two months adrift in the Pacific Ocean eating raw fish and drinking rainwater. The former computer scientist was rescued from a Mexican fishing boat. With him was his dog, Bella, who at the sight of the rescuers began to wag his tail happily. The story, which recalls that of the protagonist of Daniel Defoe’s novel, from which the film Cast Away was based, is going around the world.

They ate raw fish

Last April, Tim Shaddock and his dog Bella set out from Mexico to reach French Polynesia, but their boat was damaged by a storm after a few days. The man and his dog were found only a few days ago, after having managed to survive for about two months. Visited by a doctor, Shaddock appeared in “good and stable” condition. He explained to rescuers that he managed to survive by eating raw fish and collecting rainwater. The small canopy installed on the boat was also fundamental, which allowed Shaddock and Bella to shelter from the sun and protect themselves from dehydration.