Tim, that’s who the protagonists of the risiko are

The first shareholder of the telecommunications giant is the French group Vivendi. But a significant share is in the hands of the Italian state. The Americans of Kkr, already present in our country, launched the purchase offer

It is the company that owns the most significant part of repeaters and cables in the Peninsula. Who controls Tim, a telecommunications giant from over 40 thousand employees, assumes a crucial role, also in light of the plans envisaged by the National Recovery Plan.

This explains the great interest in his future. But who holds the reins of the company today and who are the other players of this billionaire risk?

The main shareholder is Vivendi, French media giant, led by the financier Vincent Bolloré, with many (and ancient) interests in our part. It holds just under 24 per cent of the Group, followed by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the financial arm of the state, which has a stake of close to 10 per cent. The rest is held by the market with a large list of Italian and foreign groups.

Tim is, in turn, the majority shareholder of FiberCop, the company that manages the secondary network, the one that connects the lockers on the street with homes and offices, and which is also one of the companies that is building the fiber optic network for high-speed data transmission.

Fastweb and Kkr. The latter is precisely the American fund that launched the offer to buy Tim. It is one of the protagonists of Wall Street, with assets around the world valued at 400 billion euros, ranging from Wella cosmetics in Germany to telephony in Spain, passing through real estate and energy.

In its portfolio there are not only multinationals, but also smaller companies such as the Umbrian Cmc Machinery which produces packaging. It has around 1,700 employees, e it is not considered a hedge fund, that is, engaged in risky or reckless operations.