Tim, trade unions in Meloni: “Urgent meeting, extreme concern about the future”

Letter to the premier: “Definitely opposed to any ‘stew’ operations. The choices that could be made risk putting employment levels at risk”

THE CGIL, CISL and UIL trade unions write to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to ask for an urgent meeting “in order to acquire tangible updates on this delicate and complex situation which, we would like to reiterate, concerns the employment future of over 80,000 employees, tens of thousands of workers who work for the Tim group and its vast related industries, and the stability of employment and industrial conditions in the telecommunications sector, which is fundamental for the economy and development of Italy”. This is what we read in the letter signed by the general secretaries of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, of the UIL, Pier Paolo Bombardieri and by the leaders of the SLC, Fabrizio Solari, Fistel, Alessandro Faraoni and of Uilcom, Salvatore Ugliarolo.

“We are continuing to follow, with great attention and extreme concern, the succession of news, disseminated by the media, on the future of the Tim Group, not least the offer from the American fund Kkr sent to Tim for the Network. On 28 November we were received, after our formal request, at Palazzo Chigi to open a discussion and explain the vision of the confederal trade union on this important and strategic industrial reality of our country, also illustrating the reasons that lead us to be clearly opposed to any ‘stew’ operations. In fact, the choices that could be made risk putting employment levels at risk both direct and indirect as well as having serious consequences on the entire telecommunications sector”, they underline.

The non-binding offer arrived from Kkr for the network, they point out, “is a further element that complicates the already articulated situation, reiterating that we do not agree with the overcoming of the ‘vertically integrated’ operator, this operation is also in contradiction with the political declarations that we have carefully recorded in recent days, from various parts of your government, which reaffirms the need to have state control over this strategic and very important asset of the country and the utmost attention to maintaining current employment levels. the companies controlled by you are an indispensable industrial asset for the country, where the last presence of Italy and the State through Cdp still resists, in the Tlc sector. The Network is essential to follow up on digitalisation, one of the primary points that arises the Pnrr, to the communications of the approximately 60 million Italian citizens, for the central and local institutions and to the si Italian company coat of arms. In the light of all this, we think it is necessary to be able to obtain information from the Government with respect to any progress, also with respect to the “technical tables” which have been taking place since December at the Ministry of Enterprise”.