Tim, unions: “If the plan jumps 40 thousand seats at risk”

Solari, general secretary of Slc-Cgil, to Adnkronos: “Politics risks killing the company again after privatization”

If Tim’s business plan fails, 40,000 jobs are also at risk“. To warn him, speaking with Adnkronos, is the general secretary of the Syndicate of Communication Slc Cgil, Fabrizio Solari, about Tim.” The forced choice for Tim’s future – says Solari – was within a choice of industrial policy that the past government had somehow endorsed – with letters of intent between Cdp, Tim and Open Fiber in August 2020 – and therefore, from then on, the company had prepared for a solution that had been identified and which corresponded to two main parameters: that of responding to a program of the country, that is to equip ourselves with a new generation network capable of satisfying all the needs of the country, and the other aspect was to find accommodation also from the point of industrial view to Tim’s 40,000 employees. What happens now? “.

Solari argues that “if this hypothesis fails, as it seems seeing what is coming out in the media, it is clear that even Tim’s business plan can no longer be that and it is probably for this reason too – continues Solari – that the CEO today it is questioned: because the CEO is the expression of that plan “.

“From our point of view it is that the idea of ​​a ‘harlequin network’, that is, made in small pieces, is not only not an adequate response to the recovery of the Italian delay and the consequent digital divide that characterizes us, but also puts the very holding of the company at risk. and therefore a big problem arises from the point of view of employment, of the economic system and also of the country’s prospects “, said the general secretary of Slc CGIL.

The impression we get is that politics risks killing the company again after privatization“says Solari.

“Political decisions – argues Solari – risk killing Tim a second time, who at the time of privatization was among the very first telecommunications companies in the world, internationalized and debt-free”.

We have already written to the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti the past week after Tim’s extraordinary board of directors and the rumors that were there. We await the response of the Mise but now, with what is emerging – he underlines – the meeting is even more urgent “.

“With the role that telecommunications have, a governance problem for Tim is unsustainable for the country” he remarked. “The way privatizations in Europe were managed, today – indicates Solari – Deutsche Telekom, which is the equivalent of Tim in Germany, is worth about 60 billion euros on the market and Tim is worth about 6 billion. They were companies that 30 years ago were absolutely comparable while now this is the gap that separates them “.

“Both in Germany and in France, where the monopoly of the network is in the hands of Orange, the significant presence of the state has been maintained while in Italy not. In Italy, Bolloré, with French capital, has been allowed to reach the threshold of Takeover bid and today it is the most important shareholder of Tim with about 24% of the capital “. “This is to say – continues Solari – that there was and is a corporate governance problem because a modern country, with the role played by telecommunications, cannot fail to have its own ability to affect this sector”. “Finally, I note that of the first 4 operators in Italy – Tim, Wind, Vodafone and Iliad – none is attributable to our country and this is an anomalous situation”.