Timothée Chalamet, the truth after the Golden Globes: “No accident with Selena Gomez”

No tension between Timothée Chalamet, Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez, at least according to the denial of the actor, who in recent hours gave an exclusive interview to the US magazine TMZ in which he denied any type of “drama” between the two women, any disagreement with his colleague Gomez and any crisis between him and his better half. In short: the Hollywood star has destroyed all the castles in the air that fans were building at the moment.

The star, interviewed in Los Angeles in the last few hours by TMZ, assures that he and Selena Gomez are friends, denying any possible tension. The alleged conflict refers to a rumor that Chalamet’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, snubbed the actress and singer. “The alleged controversy began with Golden Globes-related assumptions and alleged refusals by Kylie to Selena for a photo with Timothée,” we read on TMZ. “Famous actor wears hood, tries to avoid attention, but answers questions about alleged conflict.”

Rumors about alleged arguments with his girlfriend were also denied

Timothée Chalamet also denies rumors of alleged arguments between him and his partner, stating that he deeply loves his current girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. Will his words be able to put an end to the speculation once and for all? Maybe…
Meanwhile, rumors about the intensity of the relationship between Chalamet and Jenner are also increasing, especially after the recent event at the Golden Globes, when the couple was immortalized while exchanging very sweet loving effusions, including a passionate kiss.
The actor of Dunes and the recent Wonka wanted to clarify the rumors circulating due to various (and vain) attempts at lip reading on the lips of him, his better half and his colleague, stating on the one hand that everything is absolutely positive and harmonious between the two of them, and on the ‘other denying any friction with Selena Gomez.

The actor and the model are now an official couple

Although until recently the two didn’t want to attract too much attention and didn’t intend to make theirs official liaisonnow things have changed, especially after the Golden Globes spotlight made it clear on a global level that Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner are a permanent couple.

The two met last January, just shortly after the breakup between the businesswoman and model and the rapper Travis Scott, with whom Kylie Jenner had two children.

In January 2023, both Chalamet and Jenner were present at the Jean Paul Gaultier show during Haute Couture Week in Paris. However, rumors about an alleged relationship began to circulate only a few months later, in April to be precise. Only five months later did they come out into the open, when, on the occasion of Beyoncé’s concert in Los Angeles, they were paralyzed for the first time in very complicit attitudes… Indeed: downright amorous, given that kisses and hugs were also exchanged in that occasion, just as happened a few days ago in Los Angeles during the golden globe ceremony.

A week after Beyoncé’s Los Angeles concert, what was now almost officially a couple was surprised again, in the stands of the US Open in New York. Then, they were also spotted at Paris Fashion Week in September 2023. And last month they both attended the WSJ Magazine’s 2023 Innovator Awards, where they walked the red carpet separately, but subsequently spent the whole evening together.