Tina Cipollari lets herself go and the confession is poignant: an unprecedented drama

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Nothing went as hoped for Tina Cipollari: the historic vamp of Men and women tells the saddest truth, the one kept secret for a long time.

Most wanted columnist of Men and women he hasn’t always had such happy times, quite the contrary. His life was full of ups and downs, earlier lower, but once the name of Tina Cipollati became famous, nothing was like before.

Tina onionri – just gossip

Everyone knows Tina Cipollati as one of the most loyal faces of the entourage of Maria DeFilippi. He begins his career right in the program Men and women, participating as a competitor. Then something changes, she catches the presenter’s attention and becomes a face without which the famous dating show would no longer be the same.

A drama however, it then resurfaces from the past and concerns her specifically. The VIP lets herself go to a story without filters, greatly shocking the public who knew her in a completely different way.

Tina Cipollari tells unpublished truth, it is unbelievable!

Ironic, direct, frank, venomous and sensitive, in short, there are so many adjectives to describe Tina Cipollati which sometimes seem not enough. The columnist always sits next to Gianni Sperti, but fans are about to discover something absurd.

Known with sequins and sequins, her childhood was marked by deprivation. In fact, Tina Cipollari was born into a family of humble origins and she tells it in the interview done by Who magazine, from Alfonso Signorini, on the occasion of the presentation of his book published by Mondadori: Ostrich feathers an autobiography that allows you to get to know her in depth.

He could afford almost nothing, because his parents were hard workers, but they didn’t walk in gold. In fact, once she had the opportunity to debut in the format, she decided she wanted to distort her image of her. She goes from a country brunette girl to a super vip blonde. Here are the words she dedicated to the publication of the book, which she says the writing was nothing short of therapeutic:

“Today I thank that sad little girl: I would not be the determined woman with rooted values ​​that I am today without that root. All in all what I hated, the ugly clothes, my horrendous house and two absent parents, bent over in the fields, who came back very tired in the evening, who couldn’t even speak, it all helped me.”

tina onionari poignant confession
Tina tears – just gossip

I mean, who would have ever expected that? Tina she’s seen it all, but her transformation has been more than one rebirth!