Tina Cipollari unrecognizable: the transformation in the dressing rooms of Men and Women is breathtaking

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Tina Cipollari, the true icon of Maria De Filippi’s Men and Women program, is truly unrecognizable. If you had the chance to see it, you would hardly recognize it.

Tina Cipollari is one of the cornerstones of Men and women, as for years together with Gianni Sperti he has held the role of commentator. Cipollari is famous not only for her irreverent opinions, but also because of her iconic look made of ostrich feathers, sequins and platinum blonde hair.

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However, Maria De Filippi’s columnist has not always been like this as she presented herself to the auditions to become one of the first suitors of the channel 5 dating show was very different from how it looks today. The decision to completely change his image, however, was not his stroke of genius to be able to distinguish himself from the crowd, but an idea that would have been used behind the scenes of the program.

She revealed it herself in her autobiography where between one confession and another she confided that she wanted to give a clean break with the past and start writing a new chapter in her life.

The transformation of Tina Cipollari into Men and Women it’s really incredible and his confession has left everyone speechless.

Men and women, the transformation of Tina Cipollari is incredible: never told behind the scenes

Tina Cipollari has been a part of the program since its origins as a dating show having also taken on various roles. She first suitor then tronista and finally columnist, the role of her that suits her most within the context of Men and women. Context in which she decided to leave behind the young dark-haired country girl to then give life to the blonde vamp that we all got to know and appreciate over the years.

Tina Cipollari
Tina Cipollari Men and Women

“That day I let them transform me in the dressing room” he said, revealing how his character was born. “I went very blonde, I put on make-up, dressed, almost disguised, so much so that they asked me: ‘Are you sure?’. Yes, I was sure, vI wish that at home, watching the programme, nobody recognized me. And in the meantime I began to recognize myself” he then concluded by revealing the beginning of a new life.

From a funny idea that she was no longer herself indeed, that she was not really recognizable, Tina Cipollari was born, whom we all later learned to know and love. Would you have ever said that?