Tina Turner and the love story with Aragozzini: “Beautiful years of love”

The impresario reveals the details of the relationship: “When he offered me his lips to kiss her, I fired three shots in the air. It ended because of me”

“Two years and more, wonderful, in which I discovered an extraordinary Tina, out of the ordinary as an artist and as a woman”. To tell it to ‘Un giorno da Pecora’ is Adriano Aragozziniwhich reveals many details about his love affairof which perhaps few know, with Tina Turner. The impresario recounts how he conquered the queen of rock: “I didn’t go to the first two shows she did in Italy. At the third, Tina told my collaborators: if Adriano doesn’t come, I’m leaving. I had already decided to go so we met and we embrace. Later that evening I organized a dinner in my suite, just me and her“. And what happened? “I said to her: I want to do something extraordinary, do you authorize me? She said yes and held out her lips to kiss me.”

But Aragozzini’s response was not what one might expect. “I stood up, took out my revolver and I fired three shots into the air“, he recalls. “Yes, I don’t know why I did it. But at that time I went around with briefcases full of money and I was always armed”. How did the singer react? “She was frightened – Aragozzini tells Rai Radio1 – then she looked at me and laughed for half an hour”. When did you get officially engaged?” In Rome, during a tour. We were sitting in a restaurant and she hugged me. We were together for more than two years”

Aragozzini then explains the reasons for the end of the relationship: “Unfortunately it ended up my fault. I had asked my ex-wife to custody of my daughter, who made me take away my passport and therefore I could no longer travel. Instead, she was constantly sending me telegrams in which she told me in which city she was. For this she ended quite naturally. But in 1990 he came to Sanremo just to do me a favour”. The manager of many Sanremos then recalls a particularly happy moment in the relationship. “A splendid holiday we had on the Roques Islands in Venezuela, where there was nothing apart from the villa where we were. Those were unforgettable days – he says excitedly – Tina called me with an affectionate nickname, Baby”.