Tinder is renewed, new functions to get to the “match”

Tinder renews itself. The most popular app in the world for meeting and making new friends, used by thousands of people and available in 190 countries and over 40 languages, this month introduces several new features, included within the “Explore” function, and two new related features to safety. This is one of the most important updates ever. According to the latest statistics, Tinder is the highest grossing non-gaming app in the world and has been downloaded over 430 million times leading to over 60 billion matches. But how does Tinder work? It’s very simple: after uploading your photo and entering your personal data, you can begin to consult, one after the other, the profiles of other people nearby. By swiping to the left we will signal to the app that we are not interested in knowing the person and we will move on to the next one; by swiping to the right, instead, we will indicate our interest: if the other person has also swiped to the right on our profile, here we will arrive at the match, and at that point you can start talking – in text mode or video mode – and, at a later time, even decide to meet. An app that has grown a lot during the pandemic, giving the possibility to many people stranded at home, they explained to us from the headquarters of the service, to converse, make new acquaintances and fight loneliness.

The new features of “Explore” and the “Question and Answer” functionality

“Explore”, they explain from Tinder, “is a dynamic space that will be constantly enriched with new social and interactive experiences”. In particular, members will be able to discover potential matches based on moods and activities. For example, you can choose to view only people interested, for example, in cooking, video games, music or even social causes. Through the “Question and Answer” function, then, you will be able to chat with someone before the match by answering a quick quiz about pop culture and their preferences. “While a timer runs – they explain from Tinder – the two members will be able to get to know each other better and in the end choose whether to confirm theirs match or let the timer run out and meet other people. This is the first time members have been able to chat with each other before match“. Q&A was already launched in the US and UK in early summer and is available from 6pm to midnight.

Photo Verification, Video Profiles and Swipe Nights

The news does not end there. With the new updates comes the possibility to set, in addition to the profile photo, also a video profile to represent oneself even better. Furthermore, with the Photo Verification function, members can self-authenticate through a series of posed selfies taken in real time, which are then compared with existing profile photos thanks to artificial intelligence with human supervision: verified profiles they will have the traditional blue check and, in the search for new ones match, you can choose to view only this type of user. Finally, also this year the Swipe Nights have already started (we talked about it here last year), the social gaming experience launched by Tinder that has attracted millions of users.

The new security features

Tinder also announced two new security features: “Does this message bother you?” and “Do you want to think again?”. The first, they explain, provides support to members when harassing language is detected in a received message. The function is based on artificial intelligence with automatic learning and allows you to report any harassing behavior of the person who sent the message. In testing, the feature showed a 46 percent increase in the number of alerts for inappropriate messages. “Do you want to think again?” instead it is a function that, again thanks to artificial intelligence, detects harassing messages and intervenes proactively to warn the user that the message he is writing could be offensive. Artificial intelligence has been trained thanks to the messages reported in the past and is evolving day by day.