Tired of the pelambres, Cote Lopez denies Hugo Valencia

In the world of celebrities, rumors and gossip are the order of the day. And it is that any comment or statement out of place can generate controversy and question the public image of celebrities. This was the case for cote lopezwho recently had to deny the words of the journalist Hugo Valencia about her figure.

For those who don’t know, Cote Lopez is a successful Chilean businesswoman, influencer, and model. On the other hand, Hugo Valencia is a well-known entertainment journalist and panelist for television programs.

The defenses of Cote Lopez to Hugo Valencia

It all started when Valencia, in an appearance on the morning show “Mucho Gusto”, assured that Cote had undergone an injection treatment to stay slim. According to the journalist, both would have gone to the same clinic to undergo this treatment.

Given these words, Cote’s followers were quick to show their concern on social networks and the businesswoman decided to clarify the situation.

In a set of answers that he gave to his followers on Instagram, Cote Lopez flatly denied Valencia’s words and assured that he had only gone on two diets in his life, 12 years ago and five years ago, respectively. In addition, the influencer was emphatic that she had not undergone any injection treatment to lose weight.

“Too bad that he says something he doesn’t know, who told him?” Cote said. “I did it about five years ago for 10 days and I told it on Instagram, but you only have to eat lettuce and chicken. Do you see me eating lettuce and chicken? I can’t diet, it’s impossible for me.”

Instagram capture @Cotelopezm
Screenshot from Cote Lopez's Storie
Capture from Instagram @cotelopezm
Screenshot from Cote Lopez's Storie
Capture from Instagram @cotelopezm

Cote Lopez also took the opportunity to clarify that she had undergone a belly button lift and drains, which could have led to the confusion.

This incident once again demonstrates the importance of being careful about what is said and stated in show business. In addition, it makes it clear that rumors and gossip can cause concern and discomfort among celebrity fans. In short, a lesson for everyone.