Tiromancino, here is the videoclip of L’Odore Del Mare with Carmen Consoli

It is in radio programming The Smell of the Sea, the unreleased song that sees two great interpreters and authors of contemporary Italian music for the first time together: Tiromancino And Carmen Consoli. For the arrival of the song on the radio, Federico Zampaglione worked on a new version, enriched as regards the arrangement by a new work edited by Antonio Marcucci, aimed at enhancing the emotional aspect of L’odore del mare. The video, shot by Gianluca Della Monica and produced by Bad Bros, is a real little film written by Federico Zampaglione, Giacomo Gensini and Luigi Sarto. In the video the actress Angela Fontana, protagonist of an intense interpretation of a single mother.

The Smell of the Sea is one of the 12 unreleased tracks that are part of the new album by Tiromancino I changed many houses (Virgin Records / Universal Music Italia) welcomed by audiences and critics with enthusiastic comments. For Federico Zampaglione this piece is “one of the most intense pieces of my latest work. It is a fairly reflective piece where one wonders a little about life, about the paths to take, about doubts. However, you can find an underlying positivity and the message of this piece is “this is your life, even if it hurts, don’t give up giving it the meaning you want.“.

Zampaglione also underlines that: “We talk about the importance of overcoming even difficult moments to get to something you really feel”.

Speaking of the collaboration with Carmen Consoli, Zampaglione says that “with me singing in this piece is Carmen, the” singer “, one of the most powerful voices and personalities in Italian music. The nice thing about this collaboration is that both we were able, being passionate about soul and blues music, to give the song a distant echo that recalls these styles “.

Federico Zampaglione’s band, meanwhile, has started working to bring live the songs of the new album that will find space in a lineup already full of successes that have marked the thirty-year career of the Roman band as The description of a moment, Two destinies And Important for me, to mention just a few titles that have rightfully entered the Italian music songbook. The tour, produced by Trident Music, will start on February 25th and will finally bring Tiromancino live in the theaters of the main Italian cities after a break of over 2 years from the long tour sold out that had accompanied the release of the collection Up to here and he had seen Zampaglione and his musicians accompanied on stage by the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra.

This is the updated calendar (tickets already available, for information www.tridentmusic.it)

February 25, 2022 SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO (AP) Palariviera

February 26, 2022 SENIGALLIA (AN) La Fenice Theater

March 3, 2022 BOLOGNA Manzoni Theater

March 4, 2022 TURIN Colosseum Theater

March 5, 2022 BRESCIA Gran Teatro Morato

March 10, 2022 ROME Conciliation Auditorium

March 11, 2022 ASSISI (PG) Lyrick Theater

March 17, 2022 FLORENCE Verdi Theater

March 18, 2022 MILAN Opera House

March 19, 2022 PADUA Gran Teatro Geox

March 25, 2022 BERGAMO Creberg Theater NEW DATE

March 26, 2022 VARESE Varese Theater NEW DATE

March 31, 2022 NAPLES Augusteo Theater NEW DATE

April 1, 2022 TOASTS New Teatro Verdi NEW DATE

April 2, 2022 COSENZA Rendano Theater NEW DATE

April 10, 2022 GENOA Politeama Genovese NEW DATE

April 11, 2022 SPICE Civic Theater NEW DATE

April 12, 2022 SAINT VINCENT (AO) Palais Saint Vincent NEW DATE

May 13, 2022 UDINE NEW DATE

May 14, 2022 PARMA Teatro Regio NEW DATE