Tivoli hospital fire, a volunteer: “I saw the terror in their eyes”

In a post on Facebook the dramatic story of a night of hope and pain: “May the souls of those we were unable to reach in time forgive us…”

Fire in the Tivoli hospital. “A great misfortune that should not have happened and that could and should have been avoided” writes the volunteer, 32-year-old Veronica Fortuna in a heartbreaking post, describing last night as “one of the saddest” of her life. Three were killed. “A hospital should offer care, serenity, assistance, comfort…Believe me, it’s not nice to see the eyes of a sick person conveying the pure fear of dying. Fear that rises even more when they see you enter the dark rooms with your helmet on your head, the respirator over your mouth and your fire uniform on. Hearing people shouting, people praying thinking that that is their last prayer…”.

“Patients’ phones ringing because their loved ones are extremely worried… try to answer as many calls as possible to give a sigh of relief to those whose souls are worried about their loved one in hospital. Floor and walls giving off heat … – he says -. You can’t let yourself be dismayed because you have entire departments to empty, repeatedly going up and down 4/5 floors on foot, carrying patients on sheets used as stretchers… Seeing doctors and nurses trying to maintain order and elegant patience in the midst of the noxious smoke that has invaded corridors and rooms…We all did what we could. May the souls of those we were unable to reach in time forgive us…May the earth be light on you.”