Tiziano Ferro and divorce: “I believe in love and therefore I separate”

The artist: “I believe in love and therefore I separate.” On his children: “I can’t bring them to Italy due to US laws”

“I certainly can’t say it’s a good time,” says Tiziano Ferro about two weeks after announcing his divorce from Victor Allen. His first novel, Happiness at the Beginning, will be released tomorrow: “Dealing with a divorce is never good, but mine happened with a terrible timing, bad luck always has specific plans: I’ve been hoping to write a novel for all my life and, now , its publication collides with a cataclysm like this, which I hope does not take possession of the joy I owe to myself and those who follow me.”

US laws

The artist will not be in Italy to promote it, to be with his children: “Now, not being able to leave with the children is due not to Italian laws, but to a boring and annoying technicality: having a divorce in progress, I cannot leave the State of California with my children. I could have come alone, but it would have meant not being able to take care of them, who in this period are above all with me”, he says in an interview with ‘Corriere della sera’.

Divorce, children, and conflicts

Ferro explains that currently the children “are obsessed with Mamma Maria dei Ricchi e Poveri. My fault eh… Yesterday again, I relaunched that video for half an hour while they danced, sang, jumped. I looked at them and I was moved: I I thought that my act of faith in the fact that the lack of conflict produces happiness is working. Putting it into practice is tiring because it is not what I have seen done in life, I blindly threw myself into doing something I don’t know, but I I trust the doctors. Victor and I turned to specialists to help us with the children and the first and only thing they told us was: keep them away from conflicts.”

Love and separation

Do you still believe in “forever” love too? “I believe in it so much that I’m separating. Divorce is also part of believing in love. I started by saying that I can’t say I’m fine, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be fine in the future. If I didn’t separate, it would mean that I don’t give importance to love. Instead, I treat it as something so precious that if it’s not authentic, if it’s not good for me, I don’t want it.” And he adds: “Eternal love is like eternal friendship: you have to work hard, only that love is made of much more subtle and much more fragile dynamics”