Tiziano Ferro divorces her husband Victor Allen: “Painful, now I have to think about my children”

Long post from the singer on Instagram: “Delicate moment, forced to cancel commitments”

Tiziano Ferro divorces her husband Victor Allen. The official announcement comes from the singer himself, who decided to inform fans with a long post on Instagram in three languages. “As always – writes the singer -, whether it is joy or pain, I give you my story. Because I wouldn’t know how to do it differently, because I trust you. A painful separation from Victor began for some time. I faced it in silence, protecting everyone’s privacy. We recently started divorce proceedings”, confesses the artist.

“It is a delicate moment – continues the singer -, in which all my attention is focused on protecting my two wonderful children, who currently spend most of their time at home with me. I can’t leave them at this moment, and I can’t take them with me to Italy – writes the singer -. For this reason, with great sadness, I am forced to cancel the commitments made with you and with Mondadori to present my first novel: an appointment I’ve been waiting for all my life”, he explains.

“You know: I carried out a tour against the advice of doctors. I would never have canceled those concerts, I would never have deprived myself of the joy of meeting you again after six years, of singing and dancing together. It’s not about me and my health, these are two very small children and their serenity. I apologize immensely, but now – concludes the singer – they are my priority. Your affection has always supported me in difficult situations and I am sure it will happen this time too: I rely on your good heart. This dark moment will pass and we will go back to singing and laughing, talking about my book, my life… our life. We will see each other anyway, even in the distance. I love you, Tiziano”, the singer’s greeting to the fans.

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