Tiziano Ferro explains why he doesn’t show his children on social media: the real reason

Why does Tiziano Ferro never show his children’s photographs on social networks? There is a valid and precise reason, that’s what it is

Tiziano Ferro he has two sons, Margherita pizza and Andres. The Lazio singer-songwriter said he became a father a few months ago but has never published photos of his children on social networks. After deciding to move to Los Angelesin the United States of Americain 2016, a few years later she married her partner in a civil ceremony Victor Allenwith whom he lives in the Californian city.

Tiziano Ferro (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The interpreter of Relative red he has always been very attentive to charitable works and civil rights. Despite his great fame, Tiziano Ferro he didn’t want to put his children on display. This is atypical behavior for a person in the show business, we are usually used to singers, actors or influencers who take advantage of the birth of a baby to give paid interviews or to make money thanks to photographic services.

In fact, an exclusive photo shoot can be paid for a lot of money, especially if the public figure has a large following on social networks. Titian and Victorwhich he has previously worked for Warner Bros and today he owns a marketing agency, they decided to take a completely opposite path. Because Tiziano Ferro does not show children on social networks? Behind his choice there is a reason very specific, that’s what it is.

Tiziano Ferro: “This thing scares me”

Tiziano Ferro adopted two newborns, Margherita pizza and Andrestogether with her husband Victor. Many fans have asked him to see a photo of the children but he prefers to keep them hidden, at least for now. He explained the reason for this choice of hers, shared with her husband, a Fanpages: “I recently heard Baglioni say that if you are a songwriter, you will inevitably write a song about your children but I’m not one of those who spout photos and videos on social media”.

Tiziano Ferro (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Iron he has clearly made it clear that he does not want to talk about his children’s lives in the future, also because he does not know what they will be dealing with. The singer said he wanted to stay discreet, even if it is not easy to resist the temptation to post the first steps of the daughter or the first birthday of the son. Her fear is that in the future they may be ashamed of those videos and photos, published without their consent on social networks and, consequently, on websites all over the world. Italy.

The singer born in Latin she said she’s afraid that, when her children grow up, they might be recognized and annoyed: “Maybe it’s one of my biggest fears”he said Tiziano Ferrowho concluded: “They will grow up in Los Angeles, where writing songs is a profession like many others. When we’re in Italy they’ll wonder why a stranger wants to take a picture with dad and that scares me.”.