Tiziano Ferro has made a decision regarding his children: what it is

Tiziano Ferro has made a decision regarding his children: what it is; the words of the singer to Rolling Stones.

An interview without filters, the one in which he was the protagonist Tiziano Ferro in recent days. At Rolling Stones magazine, the singer-songwriter from Latina talked about himself with an open heart, a few days after the release of the new single, La vita Splendida, which anticipates the new album, Il mondo è nostra, to be released in November.

Tiziano Ferro (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

An interview during which the artist addressed various themes, from the difficulties of the music world during the pandemic to the meaning of the new single. She also talked about her about hers children, Margherita and Andreas, which he presented to the world last February, when they were 9 and 4 months old. In particular, Titian spoke of a decision she has made that affects her children. A painful decision. Later, the words of him.

Tiziano Ferro, “Maybe I’ll do it later”: the painful decision concerns his two children

Tiziano Ferro is one of the most loved songwriters in our country. It was 2001 when Rosso Relativo was released, the first album ever by the artist from Latina: from there, the beginning of an extraordinary career, full of successes. Today, Tiziano Ferro lives in America with his family, but he has no intention of making it there too: “They think I’m here and I want to be a star, but instead I came for the opposite. For them it is unthinkable that you do this job, you come to LA and you don’t give a damn about making the jump: I don’t even want to try ”.

These are the words of Tiziano to Rolling Stones, to whom he told of having always voted in our Pase, but preferring not to take sides, as an artist. Except as regards rights: “It is a civil issue, not a party one. Today, if I want to bring my children into Italy, I know that they would be entitled to half of the parental supervision, even if there are two people who can take care of them. If they are sick, only I can go to the emergency room because Victor is not on the passport, which is an aberrant thing“.

The singer-songwriter emphasizes how he has always thought that “my rights do not take anything away from those of others”, underlining how all this hurts him above all because his children are involved. Children to whom has decided not to apply for an Italian passport, even though they have a right to it, precisely for this reason: “Maybe I will do it later, or they will do it. So much for letting them in with an Italian passport they will have only disadvantages, while as Americans I am calm, I know that if I come on tour Victor can take care of them. It is something that may seem stupid, and yet makes me suffer to death “.

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Tiziano on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

Tiziano Ferro and his partner Victor Allen got married in 2019, first in Los Angeles and, a few weeks later, in Sabaudia.