Tiziano Ferro on his children: I will not give him an Italian passport because it excludes my husband

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Tiziano Ferro he’s about to come back. From tomorrow, Friday 9 September, his new single The splendid life it will be available in all digital stores and for radio programming. A song that anticipates a new album, The world is Ours, out November 11. The artist talked about it in a long interview on Rolling Stone, in which she also wanted to open up about her two children, Margherita and Andres, and how she has no intention, for the moment, of giving him an Italian passport.

Tiziano Ferro, children and rights in Italy

Tiziano Ferro and her husband Victor Allen have two children, Margherita and Andres. For now, the singer-songwriter has decided not to take an Italian passport to the two children. “Today, if I want to bring my children into Italy, I know they would be entitled to half the parental supervision, even if there are two people who can take care of them,” he explained to Rolling Stone. “If they are sick, only I can go to the emergency room because Victor is not on the passport, which is an aberrant thing ”. Ferro went on to explain that his rights take nothing away from those of others. “Then when this thing takes a face, which is that of your children, that’s when it hurts you.” The Italian passport, for now, it can wait. “Maybe I’ll do it later, or they will. So much to let them in with an Italian passport they would have only disadvantageswhile as Americans I am calm, I know that if I come on tour Victor can take care of them… It may seem stupid, but instead it makes me suffer to death ”.

Tiziano Ferro, the new single

During the interview, Tiziano Ferro talked about the genesis of his new single, The splendid life. “It is an almost mandatory adjective. The song ends by saying: I want to sing this life, even when the orchestra disappears ”. A brutally sincere record, the artist describes it. A song written together with Brunori Sas and Dimartino. “We went there to write a song as he would have done in the ’70s, I know, Fossati. I did not know Dario (Brunori, real name of Brunori Sas), that is, I knew him as an artist, but we had never met “, explained Ferro, specifying that he then fell in love with his record. Cip. She then decided to follow him on Instagram and then write him a message: “If we don’t collaborate at least once, I swear that I do not“. The answer came immediately: “Let’s do it”. As Ferro and Brunori began writing the song, the Latina artist discovered that he would become father for the first time, and in two weeks even Dario discovered that he was expecting a child. For both, two little girls. The song represents the dialogue with a friend, a concrete, real dialogue with this woman who for me are three or four friends all together ”. “There is this friend who has not married – explains Tiziano Ferro in the interview – she has no children, she worries about the first wrinkles, and she feels that the world is watching her, everyone wants to find her a boyfriend or a fiancée… It’s a kind of self-analysis, I tell her don’t be ashamed to dance, to put on the dress you like ”. The song will anticipate the album, Il mondo è nostra, to be released on November 11th.

Tiziano Ferro, the tour

And after the album, a new tour from 7 June 2023. “I haven’t singed live since 2017 – explains Ferro to Rolling Stone – I’ll be back to do it after six years”. For this reason “sometimes I say to myself: will I be able to do a concert now? Will I remember how it’s done? I don’t know, for sure I will need horse sedatives ”. Certainly there is no lack of enthusiasm from his fans, who are waiting for him. “Today I find myself with 330 thousand tickets already sold when there is still a year left: that is the thing that gives me crazy strength ”.