Tiziano Ferro says goodbye to his manager: “An era is over”

After 23 years the professional relationship with Fabrizio Giannini ends. The singer on social media: “I wish you all the light you deserve, and which I no longer have”

Not only Amadeus with Lucio Presta, the new year opens with a new sensational professional ‘divorce’. This time it’s about Tiziano Ferro and its historic manager, Fabrizio Giannini. Giannini himself made the announcement in a post on Instagram writes: “after 23 years, my professional relationship with Tiziano Ferro ends. It has been a long, beautiful journey full of great satisfaction. Now new challenges and goals for both of us. Thanks Tiziano“.

The Latina singer’s comment was also quick to arrive: “An era is over. I wish you all the light you deserve, and which I no longer have. I wish you successes and joy, even more than we have experienced. I love you Fabri, thank you.”

Thus another chapter closes for Tiziano Ferro who is certainly not going through a good period, as he himself has underlined several times via social media. Ironin fact, due to the divorce from her husband Victor Allen
it remained stuck in Los Angeles
because his children are there, giving up the Italian tour to promote his book.