To Hunt the Thief, Gal Gadot protagonist of the remake of the film by Alfred Hitchcock

The US media is in a state of agitation over Paramount Pictures’ choice of Gal Gadot for the part of the protagonist of the remake of To hunt the thief, one of the most famous cinema classics of all time that has consecrated the talent and beauty of Grace Kelly, a Hollywood icon, to the collective imagination. The Israeli actress is therefore expected for a challenging role in the film on whose screenplay the writer and producer Eileen Jones is at work, who until now has measured herself with television products.

The new version of the cult To hunt the thief

Little is known, at the moment, about the remake of “To Catch a Thief”, the cult of the master Alfred Hitchcock of 1955, one of the milestones of world cinema, but the move to announce the name of its new protagonist was undoubtedly a winner because it is safe to bet that from now on the sector media will be particularly attentive to developments in the processing of this film, currently in pre-production.

It is not clear, among other things, whether Gal Gadot will be employed in the role she was of Cary Grant, aka “the Cat”, the well-known jewel thief, or that of Frances Stevens, the sophisticated daughter of a wealthy oilman who on the big screen had the face of Grace Kelly, at the time at the height of its popularity. It wouldn’t be strange, in fact, a reversal of roles which in the 1950s were subject to a rather stereotyped logic from the point of view of gender division and the possibility of seeing Gadot in the role of the thief would undoubtedly be of interest within the rewriting of the title. In any case, whether in the role that was of Grant or in that of the one who would soon become Princess of Monaco, many are already wondering about the aesthetic imprint that the Israeli actress will be able to give to the film in which she is also involved on the front. of the production together with his partner Jaron Varsano through their company Pilot Wave.

In the future of Gal Gadot still more remakes

Gal Gadot’s choice for To hunt the thief takes into account the actress’s popularity with an audience that has never approached the Hitchcock classic but, on the contrary, knows the star well for her most recent famous interpretations, including the action comedy Red Notice, a streaming success, in which he shares the scene with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. Soon Gadot, who will return to wear the superhero costume within the DC universe, will be at the cinema with another remake, Murder on the Nile, in the hall from 11 February; always among the future projects, another iconic role, that of Queen Grimilde in the live action remake of the classic Disney, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.