To the limit: Kel Calderón exploits the network with daring naked

Kel Calderón always manages to keep her thousands of fans happy and happy, and either with photos of her trips or with one of her eccentricities, that is, the lawyer and influencer gets likes and applause with her posts, just as she did with her new snapshot on Instagram where she left everyone with their mouths open for her natural beauty.

In the photo you can see Kel sitting and naked pointing with her cell phone. As expected more than 50,000 people they gave heart to the photo. Look:

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In addition, Kel Calderón signed the photo saying: “

“Today’s launch closes a 2-year process of a lot of work, effort and endless dedication ??”

“@tangleteezercl gave me the opportunity to work with my dream team in every stage of our collaboration, my friends who I not only love but also respect and admire more than you can imagine ??”

“It has been a journey with many ups and downs but today I am very proud and excited because I know that each one of the people who worked with me on this project gave 100% of their hearts in pursuit of a beautiful result ??”

“Thank you team for giving me all your talent and creativity and putting so much love into it from the beginning. Nothing gives me more security every day than knowing that I work by your hand ????”

“Thank you for being patient and always accompanying me ??”

“Today we celebrate!”finished off

Kel Calderón was filled with comments

As expected, the photo also had multiple reactions in the comment section where his followers, including some celebrities, left their impressions.

Karen Bejaranofor example he told Kel.“Maximum!!”. While Michelle Cavalho he put an applause emoticon on it.

A fan also, celebrating Kel’s beauty and echoing the criticism, indicated: “For all those who say why get naked!!!! And why not? The body is beautiful, it is not showing anything!”