To the limit: Tini Stoessel bets everything and leaves little to the imagination

Tini Stoessel is one of the most loved and listened to artists around the world. With only 24 years old, she is not only known in her country of origin, Argentina, but in different places that she has traveled: first with her Violetta show and then with her catchy pop music.

But not everything is rosy for Argentina. His latest video clip, in a collaboration with the singer from that same country known as L-Ghent, was accused of plagiarism. The song is called “BAR” and the video exceeds 28 million views in less than a month. However, in the networks they accuse Tini to copy the steps of a renowned footballer.

A video from TikTok shows that apparently Tini he copied the steps of Alejandro “Papu” Gómez, a highly talented midfielder who is part of the Argentine team that has just qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The footballer is known for his original dances and fun.

Source: Instagram @tinistoessel

A few hours ago, Tini posted a couple of photos posing on a casino slot machine. The Argentine singer wore a tight outfit that included a skirt, short at the front and long at the back, and a microtop. Both garments were black, as were their boots.

Source: Instagram @tinistoessel

The Instagram publication, which only had a black heart emoji as its epigraph, surpassed one million likes and 10,000 comments in just a few hours. “KEEEEEEEE”, “She so PRECIOSAA” and “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” were just some of them.