To the Nuclear Tactical Penguins the Best Italian Act at the MTV EMA ’22: “It makes us feel European”

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Pride and amazement. THE Nuclear Tactical Penguins won the Best Italian Act award at the MTV EMA 2022 in Düsseldorf, winning the competition from Måneskin, Ariete, Blanco and Elodie. For Riccardo Zanottithe face, the voice, the composer and the author of the project PTNand his traveling companions Elio Biffi (keyboards), Nicola Buttafuoco (guitar), Matteo Locati (battery), Simone Pagani (low) e Lorenzo Pasini (guitar) is the umpteenth milestone of an extraordinary season that has made them not only residents of the charts but also manifesto of a very, very broad generation. Their songs are refuge, shelter and strength for those who today go from adolescence to wing and beyond. here is the their comment at the news of the new recognition obtained: “We are honored to receive the Best Italian Act of the EMA. In recent times we have been reaching great goals, such as the tour in the stadiums, which until a few years ago would have been unthinkable. When writing songs it is important to have an open mind and be influenced by everything you listen to because music is the most cosmopolitan and fluid art there is. Being recognized at European level, especially for people like us who have lived abroad, flatters us: it makes us feel European citizens, as well as Italians. Thanks a lot to those who voted for us and therefore allowed us to obtain this award “.

The opinions are questionable and commentable, not the numbers. And those who bring Nuclear Tactical Penguins with them are insane. After a debut as self-produced and that we are called The king is naked (2014), Let’s kick the afterlife (2015) and Brucata Youth (2017) we arrive at 2019 which is the magical year: April 5 comes out for Sony Music the fourth album, Out of the hype (four times Platinum) that sup to 70 million streams in total in 2019 alone. The first spring tour in the clubs is accompanied by a string of sold out and the trend continues in the summer: the band totals over sixty thousand total admissions. In the same year they participate in the disc Faber Nostrum and goes out Comic Nuclear Tactical Penguins, a comic dedicated to the band published by Beccogiallo Editore, best seller on Amazon. In the 2020 there is the third place at the 70th edition of Sanremo Festival with Ringo Starr (triple platinum), entirely written and composed by Riccardo Zanotti. The song is contained in Out of the Ringo Starr Hypethe repack came out a few hours from the podium. In December 2020 the EP will be released AHIA! (triple platinum certificate) which contains the singles Pastel White (quadruple platinum), Write them stupid (triple platinum) And Scooby Doo (triple platinum). 2022 opens with the participation as guests at the Sanremo Festival and continues with the sold out of Where We Were Stayed Tour, who counted 300 thousand visitorsaccompanied by the single Young Wannabe, certificate Triple Platinum and topped all charts for over 15 weeks and followed by Memories (Platinum record). It is therefore a prestigious collection of Gold Discsfrom Double, Triple And Quadruple Platinumwith a stay at the top of the charts of over one hundred weeks, the one that accompanies the success of the band, with more than a billion streams and a summer of 2022 with three hundred thousand visitors. The Meazza Stadium of San Siro and the Olimpico in Rome recorded a lightning sold out and a stadium tours in addition to the release of the new album Fake News, set for next December 2nd. All preceded by the triumph at the MTV Ema 2022.