To the rhythm of Merlina Addams, Daniela Aránguiz sparked pregnancy rumors with this video

Daniela Aranguiz It is always news for one of its controversies. This weekend, the Zona de Estrellas panelist caused a sensation with her look from Noche Cero at the Viña Gala. The brunette she wore a semi-transparent dress in pink tones, with the fabric full of tiny diamonds, which was in charge of the designer Juan Failer.

In the subsequent interview with Eduardo Fuentes, aranguiz He opened up: “I’m happy with the result (…) I feel totally sexy.” Before Zero Night, the ex of Mago Valdivia underwent some aesthetic touch-ups: “I got some biostimulator injections in Brazil, it is something new that is being used in Brazil, all the Glovo (TV) actresses, models, many people These applications are made from the Brazilian milieu”.

But after sharing her look on her official account of instagram, the businesswoman posted a video with the background song “GOO GOO MUCK” by The Cramps. This is the soundtrack of the famous Netflix series “Merlina”, which is about Merlina Addams, the little daughter of the crazy family.

Daniela She posed in a floor-length black dress and walked front and back. Far from drawing attention to her resemblance to Merlina, the famous surprised with the detail of her “bulging belly”. “How many months is she?”, “She is pregnant”, “Are you pregnant Daniel?” and “Out of bad vibes, it really gives me the feeling that she is expecting a baby. Be careful and it looks good” commented some followers.

The most fanatical ended up defending Daniela with messages like: “That’s how most women have a bulging belly and it’s the most normal thing….”, “All the WOMEN giving sorority class how nice it is to read so many comments and then they all go out to march for respect, The body belongs to her, if she wants to, she laughs, if she wants to, she cries, if she wants to, she goes out naked, that’s her problem because we don’t applaud how regal she looks, even though not everyone likes her. Super regal!!!!” and “What little empathy with our gender…I’m sure all those who criticize…are even smelly…envious…let’s empower women…we are all beautiful”. At the moment, the ex-wife of the Wizard has not spoken about it.