To Vanessa Bryant 16 million dollars in damages for the photos of the accident of her husband Kobe

Los Angeles County will have to pay $ 16 million in damages to Vanessa Bryant, widow of former NBA star Kobe Bryant. You ordered a jury, after the raw photos taken of the remains of the helicopter and shown to people in private by some deputy sheriffs and firefighters. The former champion and 13-year-old daughter Gianna, along with seven other people, were traveling aboard the aircraft that crashed in January 2020 on a hill near Los Angeles. Another 15 million in damages will have to be paid to Chris Chester: his wife and their daughter died in the same accident.

The damage to the emotional pain felt for the photos

The jury’s verdict was reached after 4 and a half hours. Vanessa Bryant and Chris Chester recounted their constant fear that the images – including those of the alleged remains of their loved ones – would one day be shown to the public on the internet. Their lawyers had claimed damages for the emotional pain they felt: 40 million for Vanessa Bryant and 30 million for Chris Chester. The photos had been shown by agents and firefighters who intervened on the spot to people outside the investigation, including a barman and friends. The rescuers’ lawyers stressed that the images never became public and that the superiors had shown concern by deleting them from the electronic devices of those present. For the same incident, the families of the other victims received $ 2.5 million in compensation last year.