Toast at the theater to 2023 with Far Pretend to Be Sani by Giorgio Gaber

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Almost fifty years after the release of “Pretend to be healthy”a far from dated masterpiece by Giorgio Gaber and Sandro Luporinithe singer-songwriter and actress Andrea Mirò with Enrico Ballardini and to the verve of Closet Music (Luca Pirozzi and Luca Giacomelli on guitars and vocals, Raffaele Toninelli on double bass, Emanuele Pellegrini on drums) bring back Mr. G’s ironic and biting reflection on the relationship between the desire to be and the impossibility of being. The show will be staged on New Year’s Eve, Saturday 31 December, at 8.30 pm at the Teatro Municipale Valli.

“It amazes and heartens – reads the presentation – the fact that Gaber managed to anticipate the times. To write the story even before it was present: terribly topical. After all, he was able to tell reality like few others to the world, and at the same time to go beyond Pretend to be healthy all of this is even more evident following the red thread of songs and monologues with a certain and strong theme and we really like the idea and the possibility of telling it today. The irony becomes more dominant and sometimes even a little more aggressive. […] Gaber and Luporini underline a certain incapacity to make ideals converge with daily life, the personal with the political. The utopian impulse is strong, very strong”.

The show, winner of the Franco Enriquez Prize 2022, is produced by Tieffe Teatro Milano in collaboration with the Giorgio Gaber Foundation. The costumes are by Pamela Aicardi, the lights by Andrea Violato. Emilio Russo signs adaptation and direction.
Saturday 31 December at 20.30

Valli Municipal Theatre

Adapted and directed by Emilio Russo
With Andrea Mirò, Enrico Ballardini and “Closet Music”
costumes Pamela Aicardi
lights Andrea Violato
production Tieffe Theater Milan/Viola Productions srl
In collaboration with the Giorgio Gabriel Foundation
With the support of NEXT