Toco, the disappointment of the man disguised as a collie: real dogs don’t consider me

Toco goes crazy on social media, but not in real life. The Japanese man is disappointed because he spent around two million yen (around 12,800 euros) for the collie costume, the Scottish shepherd, tailor-made to transform into a “human” dog. “True four-legged friends refuse to play with me, they don’t treat me like one of their own,” the man sadly declares to The Sun.

Fame on the web

Toco gained fame on the web after posting several videos on social media in which he wore a dog costume while walking along the streets of Tokyo. But the real dogs he meets avoid him. “They seem a little surprised when they see me, unfortunately they don’t treat me like an equal. I’m extremely sorry,” said the man who, after purchasing the collie outfit from a costume designer specializing in films last year, began to share his new life as a dog on YouTube.

Almost 60 thousand views

Toco has amassed 59,000 followers on YouTube so far. “I won’t remain a human collie forever” says the Japanese. “For now, I only become one a few times a month.” The latest videos cover Toco’s daily life on all fours, including the arrival of a life-size dog crate for Toco to sleep in. The videos in which he eats dog food and takes his first public walk in the park are also very popular.