Today she shows herself like this to GF Vip but here she is a few years ago: you will hardly recognize her!

Today it shows itself like this to the GF Vip but here it is a few years ago: you will hardly recognize it; revolutionized look for the competitor.

She is one of the absolute protagonists of this edition of GF Vip. Initially at the center of controversy due to his particular sentimental situation and his super luxurious lifestyle, it took little to Sofia Giaele De Donà to show other sides of yourself. Sides that made her one of the most popular competitors of this edition.

Giaele at GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity) Sologossip

Outspoken and outspoken, but also sweet and extremely sensitive, Giaele has shown that there is much more behind her jewels and expensive clothes. Waiting to find out how she will continue her journey in the most spied on TV house, let’s take a step back, a few years ago. Sifting through his official Instagram channel, we found an old shot of the influencer and model, who previously showed himself with a completely different look compared to the current one. Curious to see what her long hair was like before? Take a look!

GF Vip, as Giaele was a few years ago: remarkable change of look

Among the queens of the house of GF VIP 7 there is undoubtedly her, Sofia Giaele De Donà. Passionate about fashion, before Alfonso Signorini’s reality show we had seen her in Ti Spedisco in convento, but it is thanks to the GF that she obtained great visibility. In the House, Giaele is making herself known at 360 degrees, proving to be one of the most prominent competitors on the show.

For quite a while there was talk of her because of her ‘free’ relationship with her husband Bradfort Beck: many, both at home and outside, do not believe in De Donà’s real feelings towards the man, to whom, according to someone, it would be linked only for interests. To fuel the doubts, the flirtation that she Giaele had at home with Antonino Spinalbese, to whom she is very fond. Sentimental matters aside from her, however, Giaele has conquered the public and can count on a real group of fans, ready to support her during this adventure. But you know what was Jael like a few years ago?

You can find the answer on his Instagram channel, where Giaele shares several shots and moments of his days. Scrolling back through the years, we see that the model used to sport a different look from the one with which it is shown today. Do you know his long dark Pochaontas hair? Forget it, take a look:

jael de donà first
Giaele a few years ago (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

Oh yes, a few years ago Giaele wore the hair a little shorter and, above all, lighter, especially on the lengths. Dark base and blonde shade, did you like this ‘version’ of Giaele? We can only admit that gieffina is beautiful with any look.