Today Stefano Accorsi is an established actor, but do you remember which historical spot of the 90s consecrated his success?

Tonight we will find him in the new Rai1 fiction “Vostro Onore”, but do you remember which commercial gave the actor Stefano Accorsi its popularity?

Among the most popular actors of Italian cinema, Stefano Accorsi he has a truly amazing career behind him. In about thirty years he has conquered the public with the talent he has amply demonstrated in the many films that have seen him engaged in the most diverse roles, but do you remember him at the beginning?

Today Stefano Accorsi is a very famous actor, but do you remember thanks to which historic 90s commercial he achieved success? (Instagram)

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Born in March 2, 1971, after graduating from the Sabin Scientific High School, Stefano Lelio Beniamino Accorsi when he was only twenty he had the opportunity to participate in the film Brothers and sisters by Pupi Avati, where he arrives after replying to an ad in il Resto del Carlino. He then signs up for the Alessandra Galante Garrone Theater School of Bologna, graduating in 1993.

The first major success as an actor came in 1996 with Whispering Jack left the group, but to give him great popularity was an advertisement dating back to the previous year and remained in history. Remember which one?

Stefano Accorsi, you cannot have forgotten the commercial that made him so loved: it was the 90s

Tonight Accorsi will be the protagonist of the new fiction broadcast on Rai1 Your honourwhere he will take on the role of judge Vittorio Pagani and the public can’t wait to find him on the small screen.

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Career exploded in the 90s, remember? In that period he obtained the David di Donatello for best leading actor acting in the film by Luciano Ligabue Radiofreccia; in 2001 she was alongside Giovanna Mezzogiorno in The last Kiss by Gabriele Muccino; in 2005 he was the unforgettable Commissioner Nicola Scialoja in Novel Criminal. His characters are countless, but which of you remembers him in the Maxibon ice cream commercial?

It was the year 1995 and in the funny scene set in a beach, he was trying to win over a foreign tourist by pronouncing the phrase “Du gust is better than uan “.

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Stefano Accorsi actor
Photo source: Youtube

A memory to which Stefano will also be very attached and which represented the ‘great turning point’ in his life.