Toddler stuck in car rescued by firefighter

A near tragedy in the Eurospin car park in via Antonio Lombardi in Catanzaro, where a firefighter belonging to the Provincial Command of Catanzaro, Giancarlo Silipo, saved a small child who had managed to close the passenger side door of his mother’s car, getting stuck in the car. The lock on the other doors of the black Toyota Aygo was automatically activated. The Firefighter Silipo, who at that moment, leaving the parking lot with the shopping, noticed a woman in panic with a gentleman by her side who was trying with very great difficulty, with negative results, to lower the electric window, the same Silipo , noticing him, he promptly stopped his car to rush to the woman and the gentleman, to understand precisely what was happening. Once he learned that there was a child blocked in the car, the Policeman Silipo, while working on the car, to open the rear window, also unlocking the doors, calmed the mother who was in tears and panic and also the little child that he was sitting in the car seat, and that just the same had begun to scream, cry and sweat around all the people who witnessed the scene.

Firefighter Silipo managed to open the rear window and also unlocking the automatic closure, without causing any damage to the car, extracted the child safe and sound, handing him over to the mother, and the same Firefighter Silipo, once extracted also carried out all the health treatments, to exclude him from physical failures and beyond. Finally, the mother of the child and all the people present who witnessed the scene thanked and embraced the Policeman Silipo who intervened to save a small human life.