Togas in politics, in reform he returns stop to return to the judiciary

president and secretary ANM report new hypothesis that Minister Cartabia is working on

No return to jurisdiction for magistrates who have had experience in politics, who will only be able to hold administrative positions. It is one of the reform hypotheses contained in the proposals that the minister of justice, Marta Cartabia, is preparing and that will converge in the amendments to the Bonafede bill that should arrive at the examination of one of the next Councils of Ministers. To report it were the president and secretary of the national magistrates association, Giuseppe Santalucia and Salvatore Casciaro, speaking at the opening of the central steering committee, referring to an ancestral meeting yesterday in via Arenula, at which the minister was not present but the head of the legislative office.

This would be a more restrictive intervention than the one initially hypothesized, which for the gowns from the policy provided for limitations but not the stop on return.