Together with Max Pezzali they formed 883: how it is and what it does today after 27 years

Fans remember him dancing next to Max Pezzali in the 90s, leading the 883 to success: let’s find out what happened to him!

They met at the Niccolò Copernico scientific high school in Pavia, Max Pezzali and Mauro Repetto formed the Italian pop rock group of 883 whose resounding successes marked the Italian musical history of the 90s.

Together with Max Pezzali they formed 883: how it became and what it does today after 27 years (Youtube)

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After having conquered all of Italy with They killed Spider-Man, North South West East and many other very famous songs still today, the duo separated: in 1994 Repetto decided to leave the group and leave for the United States. Although he had written 50% of the songs for 883, on stage it was in fact Max singing while he just accompanied him dancing.

A role he couldn’t feel comfortable in despite being a lyricist very talented. As we all know, the brand of 883 it was left completely to Max Pezzali who, although disappointed, left his friend free to leave. For a long time, Mauro disappeared from the scene, let’s find out how he became and what he does today!

Mauro Repetto, do you remember “the blond of 883” ?: here he is today

To push him to leave for the USA it was also a sentimental matter. In fact, he went to the conquest of a beautiful American model known previously, but a story was not born between the two.

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In 1995 Repetto tried his musical career again and released an unreleased album, which was called SugarFiloBlack. Unfortunately, the record was not successful and Mauro moved to France, where he met his current partner Josephine with whom he had two children.

Beyond the Alps the lyricist worked as an animator in Disneyland but in time it became manager. Currently he is dedicated to the production of theatrical performances and in recent times he has also returned to collaborate with his long-time friend Max Pezzali.

Photo source: Youtube

In this fairly recent image we see how it looks after all these years: the hair has been shortened but it can be said that, looking at it carefully, you can recognize it quite easily, right?