Tokyo Game Show, the oriental meeting place for gamers

787 exhibitors from over 40 countries around the world participated in the Tokyo Game Show, numbers growing compared to last year, in which visitors, content creators, streamers and sector specialists anticipated the innovations that we will see arriving in 2024. A business, that video games, which is worth three times that of the cinema and music sectors combined.

The news that thrilled fans

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the new chapter of the well-known video game, with a gripping plot lasting around 50 hours of play; but also Capcom’s Street Fighter 6, Bandai Namco’s Tekken 8 and SEGA’s Football Manager 2024.

Italians on display

Italy is also the protagonist with Enotria: this video game designed by the Jyamma Games studio has received the favor of the Japanese public, so much so that SEGA will publish it in Asia and it will be released in spring 2024, on PC, Xbox and Playstation.

The other Italian games

Retro Gadgets, a finalist in the Indie games category, allows you to build real working gadgets, such as video game consoles, weather machines, overhead projectors, radios and any other gadget you can think of;

River Tails, the first title from the Catania studio Kid Onion Studio, a cooperative game suitable for families and friends who want to experience a colorful and exciting adventure together, starring a purple kitten and a goldfish;

Siheyuan, a cooperative action puzzle for 1 to 4 players, created by the We Are Muesli studio, in which you control and share tiles “Tetris-style” in an attempt to complete a grid of different colors, inspired by Chinese architecture and tradition.

Not just videogames

This annual event in Tokyo is also an opportunity to compete in the most famous video game competitions and for fans to dress up as their favorites. While technology brands present new products for the gamer market. MSI showed the new slim gaming video cards, lighter and thinner, designed for performance, efficiency and prestige, designed for those who build gaming configurations in limited spaces.

ASUS has unveiled the latest products in the ROG Evangelion series. Among these, a motherboard, graphics card, heatsink and power supply in addition to a complete kit of peripherals, to have a personalized gaming station with the characters EVA-02 and Asuka from the famous Evangelion anime series. While BenQ presented the latest addition to the TK800 series of projectors designed for viewing in rooms with ambient light, with HDR-PRO technology that improves shadow detail, contrast and the projector’s sense of three-dimensionality for a gaming experience also beautiful to live in.