Tom Cruise returns to Warner Bros.: the agreement to produce original films and franchises

2024 begins with a new adventure for Tom Cruiseofficially among the stars of Olympus Warner Bros.

The star of Mission: Impossible And Top Gun announced that he had an agreement signed with the cinema giant for produce original films and new franchises.
The strategic partnership, which will ensure Warner Bros. attracts titles and box office revenues in the years to come, however, will not prevent Cruise from working with other companies, including Universal and Paramount, with which his latest successes were released.
For the American actor it’s a return. The actor owes some of his most loved titles by the public to Warner Bros.: from Risky Businessto Interview with the vampireto Magnolia and Eyes Wide Shut.

The “strategic partnership” (non-exclusive)

The press releases with which the news of Tom Cruise’s return to Warner Bros. was released restore the excitement for an agreement which will benefit the entire cinema system which, even in recent years, has been dragged by the takings of the titles starring the American star – see Top Gun: Maverick che earned almost a billion and a half dollars worldwidebecoming the top film on the box office chart of the 2022 season.
The greatness of Cruise, one of the last names capable of bringing the public into the cinema, was the subject of declarations by Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdyboth co-presidents and CEOs of Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group, both of whom served with David ZaslavCEO of the company, to close a partnership aimed at producing original films and new franchises about which nothing is known yet.
The “strategic partnership” will not tie Cruise exclusively to Warner: the actor and producer will be free to continue making works with Paramount and UniversaL. There is still the possibility, therefore, that a third chapter of the saga Top Gun sees the light, sooner or later and, according to the latest rumors leaked at the end of 2023, the Paramount Pictures project could start in 2025.

Cruise: “I can’t wait to make great films together”

Cruise, who achieved global fame with Warner Bros. in the early decades of his extraordinary career, back homein a sense, getting the film company wide freedom over its projects, as well as gods new offices in BourbankCalifornia, within the lots owned by Warner Bros. Discovery (a possibility offered in the past to big names such as Clint Eastwood and Frank Sinatra).
Warner Bros., which recognizes Cruise as an absolute star in the world cinema scene, with the new agreement has ensured the possibility of giving continuity to the last season of great box office successes, among which they stand out Barbie and the recent Wonka.
Warner Bros.’ goal is to work with the best personalities in the industry in front of and behind the camera to return the Studies to its glorious origins.
Tom Cruise, for his part, entrusted his comments to a statement from Warner Bros. Pictures published in a post on his official Instagram profile. These are the actor’s words: “I have great respect and admiration for David, Pam, Mike and the entire team at Warner Bros. Discovery and their commitment to films, film fans and the theatrical experience. I can’t wait to make great films together”.