Tommaso Paradiso and Baustelle together in the single ‘Indian Love’

Song and video clip out today

It comes out today ‘Indian Love’, the new single, accompanied by the video clip, which sees the unprecedented collaboration between Tommaso Paradiso and Baustelle. Written by Paradiso and Francesco Bianconi and produced by Matteo Cantaluppi, the song is a ballad that evokes a feeling captured between moments of pure happiness and an uncertain future, a poem, something unexpected, a love that is union but also detachment.

The video clip, made by YouNuts! (Niccolò Celaia and Antonio Usbergo), is set in the Idroscalo, the sea of ​​the Milanese, in a seventies summer where the story of two young lovers is told through the retro lenses of a camera that immerse the viewer in an analog age , where iconic elements and carefree characters follow one another against the backdrop of a classic Italian summer.

Tommaso Paradiso has recently announced the tour in the arenas, ‘Tommy 2023’. This summer the Baustelle will continue their musical journey with the ‘Elvis tour’, sixteen live shows produced and organized by Vivo Concerti, which will see the band as guests of the main festivals in the summer of 2023.