Tommaso Paradiso: “‘Sensazione Stupenda’ is a record that brings life back”

“In my career I have written songs like ‘Ma lo want to understand’ that I would like to delete, now I want to better define my aesthetic”

I’m finally back. How happy I am. I am a worker. I couldn’t help but write, yes, I like the holiday, but then what do you do? I have to work”. Tommaso Paradiso is back and, as he explains in an interview with Adnkronos in which he talks about his story in full with his usual raw sincerity, his latest album ‘Wonderful sensation’ (out October 6, on the Island Records label) is the result of a moment of enthusiasm and rediscovered happiness. “It describes a moment in which I was very enthusiastic, quite euphoric – explains Paradiso – We came from the pandemic, then we came out of it and I returned to life. Here, it is a record that captures life again”.

Twelve tracks, preceded by the singles ‘Sensazione Stupenda’, ‘Amore Indiano’ written with Baustelle and ‘Blu Ghiaccio Travoltonte’ in which a different tone from the previous ones immediately stands out. “I wrote the previous one entirely at home, this one out there, It’s about things I’ve seen, things I’ve felt“, explains Tommaso. Which starts from the homonymous single ‘Sensazione stupenda’: “It’s a song that welcomes my two sides that are reconciled in a song, there are my anxieties that I learn to accept and then transform them into a sensation stupendous”. A decidedly more mature Paradise, starting from the sounds to get to the lyrics. “It’s like this – explains the Roman singer-songwriter – A man grows up and is not satisfied with writing some things that perhaps he could have written ten years ago. Compared to the past, I don’t want to write things that I regret after a few years. Sometimes happens”.

It makes you wonder which ones, for example. “‘But do you understand?’ I would like to strangle her, she’s not mine, for example – Paradiso replies directly – Or the same ‘Maradona y Pelé’, which yes was a success, but it wasn’t me. Because then you write things like ‘Lupin’ and say shit.., this is me, now I can die happy. You write ‘Overwhelming ice blue’ and you understand that it reaches people but it’s not miserable, it’s high”. An honesty that he himself defines as “almost violent, because the will and desire to define myself in a certain aesthetic grows more and more in me. You recognize Van Gogh from a distance, just like Morricone’s music, everyone has his own style: well, sometimes I played too much with styles. I would like to rearrange my entire aestheticwhich corresponds precisely to ‘Stupendous Sensation'”.

Among the tracks, in addition to more immediate songs such as the singles released, there are pieces that are striking for the intimacy they offer. ‘Son of the Sea’, for example. But also ‘Via’, Andrea’s song’, ‘Trieste’. The latter was born from a vivid dream. “It’s not the result of a visit to the city, I woke up one morning and it was a dream, I was in Trieste. I happen to write songs during dreams”, explains Tommaso Paradiso to Adnkronos. Or ‘When the wind rises’, which begins with a ‘hymn’ to his Roma.

‘Amazing feeling’ it is a sincere album that contains more souls, one strong and one fragile, that of the instinct of protection and that of the instinct of wanting to be protected. In ‘Indian Love’, one of the lines is: “Take cover/when the sky is black/text me/if the night is dark.” But then, in ‘When the wind rises’, he feels small in front of his Rome: “My Rome / stay with me / don’t leave”. “I divide myself between these two moments – confirms Tommaso – when I feel strong I get this sense of protection towards people I see in difficulty. And then there are songs in which instead I’m the one who needs help. It depends on the moment , from life itself.”

From November 16th, the Roman artist will be around the sports halls of Italy, starting from the Palasport in Rome. First, however, you decided to do a small, more intimate ‘pre-tour’ in the pubs, where you met the most loyal fans in person. “I liked the idea of ​​letting them hear it for the first time – he underlines – A very sweet, tender atmosphere is created in these meetings. Yesterday my record company sent me a video of Ed Sheeran who is promoting it in the pubs. Obviously he doesn’t even know who I am, but it means that the idea is good, someone else thought of it too”, quips Tommaso. Who on the live shows that await him makes clear the intent to surprise: “This will be the live where if one comes he will always come back. After many years we have developed it, there are many of us on stage – he previews to Adnkronos – I in these last years I listened to a lot of Springsteen, and I took it as a reference point. I made a big band, there are so many of us on stage and we love each other, we are also friends. It will be unforgettable.”

(by Ilaria Floris)