Tommaso Paradiso, the new album Sensazione Stupenda is out: what to know

Years have passed since then Thomas Paradise he made Italy dance with the group The Giornalisti. To her work of her second of her as usual, after Space Cowboy, the forty-year-old Roman is ready to return. The October 6 it’s release day Superb sensationhis new album.

What we know about Superb sensation

Superb sensation comprehends 13 tracksstarting with those already released Journey Around the Sun, Indian love with the Baustelle and Overwhelming Ice Blue. The album, he said, was born in a very spontaneous way. There is no loneliness around it Space Cowboy, there is no anguish of the pandemic, there is no fear of death. There is the return to the world, there are hugs with friends. There is his whole reappearance to life. What is the wonderful feeling of Tommaso Paradiso? He explained it himself to Vanity Fair: “It’s complicated because it arises from a moment of horror, of terror. Thanks to many years of therapy I managed to transform what was bad I was feeling into a wonderful feeling. I sat in hell and I asked for help.” For his presentation, he chose small pub of the peninsula. A dimension that is decidedly different from stadiums and arenas. And on Sanremo? For now, he doesn’t even think about it. Tommaso loves to sing, for a long time. He can’t condense everything into three minutes. And he hates racing. Above all, he hates racing.

A preview of the songs

During the interview with Vanity Fair, Tommaso Paradiso spoke about some of the songs Of Superb sensation. There is Son of the seawith a Neapolitan which pays homage to Pino Daniele but also a piece of his family. In the song there are his mental health problems (fortunately not serious, as he himself specified), there are the‘anxiety el’anguish. “I couldn’t leave the house to go buy cigarettes or milk anymore,” she explained. And, this song written two years ago, on a beach in Corsica surrounded by nothing, fully reflects those feelings. There is When the wind picks upwhich talks aboutenvironment and of Rome: “A song born from my sadness at seeing it so abandoned, so dirty, so full of waste, there is no center or periphery, it’s like this everywhere. You wake up in the middle of buckets full of garbage, the mayors pass by but the problems remain the same.” And there it is Superb sensationin which he sings: “I don’t want to sell you anything. I write so as not to die. Because one day he will no longer exist, like us. But his songs will remain