Tomorrow a great national demonstration in Rome: “Cease the fire immediately! Negotiation for Peace!”

Europe for Peace, ‘We condemn the aggressor, we respect the Ukrainian resistance’

Tomorrow 5 November is the day of the great national demonstration for peace in Rome. Hundreds of acronyms converged on the “Europe For Peace” platform: “Cease the fire immediately, negotiate for Peace!” is the title of the mobilization, which has the Campaign Coordination of the Italian Peace and Disarmament Network and other realities.

The appointment is for 12 in Piazza della Repubblica in Rome, with the parade starting at 13; at 3 pm the interventions will begin in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano. “The shadow of the atomic war spreads over the world – the organizers say – It is the responsibility and duty of states and peoples to stop this madness. Humanity and the planet cannot accept that disputes are resolved with armed conflicts. War it has global consequences: it is the main cause of world food crises, even more disastrous in Africa and the East, affects the cost of living, the poorest and weakest social groups, determines harmful choices for the climate and life of the planet. everything and blocks the hope of a more equitable and sustainable future for future generations. This war must be stopped immediately “.

“We condemn the aggressor, we respect the Ukrainian resistance, we commit ourselves to help, support, succor the Ukrainian people, we stand by the victims. We are with those who reject the logic of war and choose nonviolence. The unacceptable invasion of Ukraine by part of Russia has brought back to the heart of Europe the war that is about to become a global conflict, between military blocs with dramatic consequences for the life and future of the Ukrainian, Russian and whole European peoples. affected population, with refugees, with refugees forced to flee, to abandon their homes, their jobs, victims of bombing, violence, discrimination, rape, torture “. (continues)

Italy, the EU with member states and the UN assume negotiating responsibilities

This war must be stopped immediately: “Enough suffering. Italy, the European Union and the member states, the United Nations must take responsibility for the negotiations to stop the escalation and reach an immediate ceasefire. It is urgent to work on a political solution to the conflict, putting in place all the resources and means of diplomacy in order to make respect for international law prevail, bringing to the negotiating table the representatives of the governments of Kiev and Moscow, together with all the actors necessary to find a just peace Together with Pope Francis we say: ‘Let the arms be silent and seek the conditions for starting negotiations capable of leading to solutions not imposed by force, but agreed, just and stable’.

Humanity and the planet must free themselves from war. “We ask the Secretary General of the United Nations to urgently convene an International Peace Conference, to restore respect for international law, to guarantee mutual security and to commit all states to eliminate nuclear weapons, reduce military spending in favor of investments to fight poverty and finance for the unarmed economy, for the ecological transition, for decent work “.

Shared security must be guaranteed: “Wars and weapons aim at victory over the enemy but do not lead to peace: they tend to become permanent and only cause new suffering for the populations. Instead, it is necessary to win peace, restore the violated right, guarantee shared security. There is no just war, only peace is just. War is made by armies, peace is made by peoples “. Italy, the Constitution, civil society “repudiate war. Together we demand that our institutions take up this peace agenda and work in every European and international forum for its full affirmation”.