Tomorrow at the Libraccio in Rome, cybersecurity and fiction with “Some dead don’t make noise” by Alessandro Curioni

It is the second novel in the series starring Leonardo Attico, expert cybernaut

After having anticipated the wave of hacker attacks of the last year in “Il giorno del Bianconiglio”, now the cybersecurity expert Alessandro Curioni tells, in his new novel, the serious risks that Artificial Intelligence entails. The cybersecurity expert Leonardo ttico returns to the field in “Certain deaths don’t make noise” just released for Chiarelettere will be presented tomorrow in Rome, in the Libraccio bookshop in via Nazionale at 6 pm. It is the second novel in the series that sees this singular protagonist narrative ‘alter ego’ of the author.

After having turned the Dark Web upside down, eradicating the most dangerous network of cybercriminals around, tticotico ends up back in the crosshairs: a lover resurfaces from his past, who in the meantime has become the powerful manager of a big tech, and with her materializes an eminence grise at the head of a core of the secret services. Both with an offer you can’t refuse.

Thus the expert cybernaut – accompanied by his fellow adventurers Roberto Gelmi, a brilliant hacker, and Teresa Aprili, a brilliant journalist – finds himself involved in the highly secret Da Vinci Project, which through the use of artificial intelligence aims to revolutionize the world of cybersecurity. With what consequences? Leonardo will play his very personal game with very different objectives from those of the other two players. Double and triple play will be the rule, manipulation of information and people the norm.

“Some deaths don’t make noise” confronts the reader with topical issues and makes us reflect on the role of humanity at a time when technology, with the advent of artificial intelligence, seems ready for a new, great, leap in come on. In a dark world over which hovers the shadow of a defeated but not overthrown enemy, Leonardo, Teresa and Roberto will discover that to unmask him they must risk much more than their digital lives.

Curioni (born in 1967) was born a journalist and in 2003, after two years of study, published the volume “[email protected]” dedicated to computer security for Jackson Books. From this experience, after seven years in the sector, in 2008 he founded Di.Gi. Academy, a company specializing in cybersecurity training and consultancy, of which he is a shareholder and president. He is the author of essays, popularizer, university professor and commentator on Rai, for “Il Sole 24 Ore” and Class CNBC.