Tomorrow on Nunzia De Girolamo on Rai3 the victim of the gang rape in Palermo

The girl, with her face uncovered, faces a face to face with the presenter, in the episode dedicated to violence against women and sexual education

Tomorrow Nunzia De Girolamo will have ad in the studio ‘Forward People’in prime time on Rai3, the girl victim of violence by seven young people at the Foro Italico in Palermo last 7 Julywho will face the presenter face to face with his face uncovered.

The denunciation of violence against women and sexual education will in fact be the topics addressed in the new episode of the people show.

Also guests of the episode were the co-director of Libero Pietro Senaldi, the writer Melissa Panarello, the Hon. Simonetta Matone and the Hon. Angelo Bonelli.

The husband of the Prato teacher who had a child with one of his fourteen-year-old students and was convicted of having had relations with a minor will tell his experience in an interview.

The people in the studio will therefore also be asked the question: is it possible to forgive a person you love but who commits a crime?

As a counterpoint to the debate in the studio, the film reports created by journalists sent throughout Italy, through which we will try to delve deeper and dissect the topics covered, together with materials present on the web and on social media, tools through which the public from home you will be invited to express yourself through the Instagram profile @avantipopolarai #avantipopolo.