Tonka Tomicic confirms that she parted ways with Parived: "I feel like I have to turn the page"

The cheerleader and model Tonka Tomicic lives difficult moments after being involved in a police investigation called “Case Relojes VIP”, where her husband, marco antonio lopezknown as Parived was involved with the scandal of the sale and purchase of stolen jewelry.

Tonka began by thanking the interview space provided by the morning Tu Día, and then sat down to talk with José Luis Repenning and Priscila Vargas. In her talk, the cheerleader said at the start “I’m calm, but I feel anger, and also impotence.”

In addition, Tonka indicated: “I feel like I have to turn the page, and the only one who can turn the page is me.”

Tonka Tomicic in her interview on YOUR DAY

“I have kept a lot of silence” Tonka said, assuring that that same silence was negative for her current position. “That silence has played against me, because the media have told many lies because my voice has not been present, because I am the only one who can defend myself,” she pointed out.

Tonka was consulted regarding the way in which she found out about the problem in which her husband was involved, since August 27, 2021, which is the day when the report appears in CIPER where the participation of the PDI in a investigation into luxury watch theft, and in that investigation Parived was mentioned.

Tonka Tomicic in her interview on YOUR DAY

In this regard, Tonka pointed out in the interview that months before that CIPER report she already knew about the investigation and that Parived was part of that investigation. Tonka recalls that at that time Parived told Tonka that she “had acted correctly, and that she would prove it in court.” For this reason, Tonka insisted that she, right off the bat, was not surprised by the report because she already knew the background that uncovered the scandal.

Tonka Tomicic also stressed that she decided to give the interview this Friday, February 4 because she deserves it, and because she needs to tell her version of the facts.

“What do I have to do in a police investigation?” Tonka said, shortly before revealing that there were conflicts in their relationship, and that this investigation triggered uncomfortable public assumptions that have little to do with the cheerleader’s career.

Tonka Tomicic in her interview on YOUR DAY

Tonka separates from Parived

Despite what has been speculated about the relationship between Tonka and Marco Antonio, the cheerleader commented that the decision to separate was not related to the case of stolen watches and jewelry. “We had made the decision long before,” Tonka said, adding: “You don’t end a 20-year relationship overnight.”

“We decided to separate our lives, it is a decision that we made a long time ago,” he said.

“What happened (watch case) this week we did not think was going to happen, but they are going in different lanes.” “It was totally unexpected what happened.”

In addition, Tonka Tomicic indicated that she was encouraged to give the recent interview precisely because it seemed important to her to tell her vision and get away from speculation: “I don’t want you to look for nooks and crannies that don’t exist”

“The day the diligence was carried out in your house, did you no longer live together?” asked José Luis Repenning, to which Tonka replied “I do not want to go into details of who lived where.”

And immediately afterwards he said “I feel like turning the page, I don’t want to throw my work overboard.”

The check’s

Regarding the checks, Tonka confirmed that at the time she lent documents to Parived that ended up in the hands of Harold Vilchez, called the “king of gold”, the cheerleader confirmed that she lent checks to Marco Antonio Lopez, but did not specify whether or not she knew the destination of those checks. “He asked me for financial help, I gave it to him through checks,” Tonka said. “One establishes a love relationship based on mutual support.”

In addition, she was consulted about her vision regarding what is happening, precisely in what has to do with the way in which her communication with Parived and the honesty between the two of them, and she said “I believed in what you told me, and I hope that the truth in justice. Intimate details I am not going to reveal, and I think that the details have to be given by Marco Antonio”.

José Luis Repenning asked her if there is a possibility that her relationship with Parived could return and if the separation could be reversed, to which the cheerleader replied: “I do not think so”.

Who is Parived?

He is known for being the husband of Tonka Tomicic. They met in 2004 through a mutual friend and in 2014 they got married in a private ceremony in Jerusalem, Israel.

Until a few days ago, both lived in an apartment in an exclusive condominium in Vitacura, which was the subject of a raid in the framework of the investigation.