Tonka Tomicic posted on Instagram again and did so with an inspiring reflection

Tonka Tomicic has been in the eye of the hurricane for her involvement in the controversial “Case Watches”, where her ex-partner is being investigated. After months of absence on social networks, the cheerleader reappeared with an image of her garden flower and a powerful reflection on life.

Life has not been easy for Tonka Tomicic in recent months, due to the scandal in which she is involved. However, the cheerleader has shown a positive attitude in the face of adversity, showing that the force of life is always present.

Through her Instagram account, Tonka shared a picture of a beautiful flower blooming in her garden. The television presenter reflected on the value of life and the cycles it presents.

“Starting a new garden and the first flower blooms unexpectedly. A gift. The force of life is present, it teaches me about cycles. A hug to everyone this weekend,” Tonka wrote.

Tonka Tomicic’s image and reflection were very well received by her followers, who sent her messages of support and affection. The cheerleader was grateful for her support and sent a message of optimism to her followers. “What a beautiful gift nature gives you! A lot of good energy for you,” wrote one fan, while another said “Tonka, life always brings us cycles and gives us the necessary strength to get ahead.”

“Thank you for your love and always good vibes. Life is a gift and you have to enjoy it to the fullest. Hugs!” Tonka wrote to close the post.